You Are A Gift To The World (Book Review)

The best and biggest gifts in life are neither bought nor sold. You Are a Gift to the World reminds us of the many ways that life itself is a continuous unwrapping of magical moments. Flip the book over and The World is a Gift to You shows how many of the biggest gifts are provided to us by the very planet we call home.

Parents, grandparents, children and teachers will enjoy finding even more ways that YOU and the WORLD are the most magnificent gifts of all!

This book brings the same beautiful lyricism to a new dual idea: A child is a gift to the world, and the world is a gift to a child.  Evoking all that makes a child unique, the book then mirrors with the world's special gifts-from mountains to seas to life itself.  Inspirational as well as gorgeously written, both poems reach the same moving conclusion:  A child in the world is the greatest gift of all. 

This book was written by Laura Duksta and illustrated by Donal Turner.  I read these two stories two my children, and they had me read it again to them.  My middle child said that it made him feel special.  The illustrations in this book are amazing.  They fit each line of the poem completely.  You will want to read this book to your little ones, but you will have to wait, because it will not be released until April 1st!  You can check out more about Laura Duksta's other books and upcoming information on this book on her website.

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