* HOT * Nationwide Deals (you can purchase and use these Groupons even if you live in another city!)

Check out other hot deals on Groupon in select cities throughout the nation (you can purchase and use these even if you live in another city) (be sure to change the city under the "Visit More Cities" tab and select the city the deal is in):

- (Check on sidebar) Fort Myers/Cape Coral, FL: $20 for $50 Worth of Wall Decals and More from Dali Decals

- (Check on sidebar) Raleigh/Durham, NC: $10 for $25 Worth of Foldable Sandals from Flexflop

- (Check on sidebar) Eugene, OH: $29 for $80 Worth of Eyewear from LensWay.com

- (Check on sidebar) Philadelphia, PA: $10 for $20 Worth of Decadent Sweets at Chocolate.com

- (Check on sidebar) Midland/Odessa, TX: $85 for $155 Worth of Custom-Fit Jeans from Indi

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Misty said...

1. Star naming is a scam: http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/SavingandDebt/SaveMoney/BewareThese5holidayScams.aspx You (or anyone) would be better off making up your own certificate. Much cheaper, and the same effect!

2. The link to the star-naming Groupon goes to a Skype one instead.