Help MyOKCMommy Win Aerosoles Spring Challenge

Aerosole shoes is having a contest on facebook and the "mommy" with the most votes in the network will be able to host a giveaway for a $200.00 Aerosoles gift card!!  

I was sent a list of many shoes to choose from.  I wanted to make sure to pick a shoe that I felt I could wear with alot of things because I didn't want a shoe that was going to sit in my closet waiting for an occasion to be worn.  I chose a shoe called the Chlementine.  It is a really cute thong sandal with jewels on it.

We were asked to find our "perfect moment."  Well, it seems like I never get dressed up anymore.  It just so happened that I had volunteered for our school's spaghetti fundraiser.  I had to get a skirt and a top to wear to that, so I took my shoes with me and got an outfit to match the shoes.  I was really worried that a few hours of standing and walking in these shoes were going to leave me with blisters and sore feet.  However, I did want to test them out properly, so I put them on and went to the fundraiser.  The shoes were very comfortable and no blisters or sore feet.  I wore these with a skirt that day, but I have not paired them up with some khaki shorts, and even a really cute pair of plaid shorts.  They really are versatile, and are shoes that are definitely not sitting in my closet waiting to be worn!  Remember to head on over to the Aerosoles Spring Challenge to vote for me!
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