GottaWatta-Portable filtered bottled water

The Gottawatta filtered water bottle is ideal for fitness and outdoor enthusiasts. It is unique from other filtered water bottles in an important way that is meaningful for individuals interested in fitness. Not only can it be used to filter contaminants from tap water, it can even be used to make untreated water safe for consumption. It's a great option for hikers, boaters, cyclists, etc.
My family and I drink a lot of bottled water, so this is going to be a real money saver for us.  The water bottle has a filter on it, so you just put your tap water in it and the filter does all the rest! What's great about this, especially since I have kids, is that it doesn't remove the fluoride in the water! 
You can get your own Gottawatta in their online shop.

Thank you to GottaWatta for my sample used in this review.  My opinions are my own and honest.
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