Battery Safety


We all worry about our kid’s safety.  We do things such as keeping our medicines put up and making sure our cleaning supplies are put up securely.   There is a little known threat in our home the size of a nickel and many of you let your child play with it every day.  I know my little one picks this up every day.  The danger is a button cell battery.  You probably are saying, “I don’t let my child play with batteries.” But there are a few items that you probably use every day in your home that contain these batteries. My child picks up the television remote all of the time, and has gotten the batteries out of ours.  Our remote doesn’t have button cell batteries, but many do. I know my babies used to get the regular batteries out ALL of the time and I had to grab them before they try to put them in their mouths.  These button cell batteries can also be found in bathroom scales, which of course, we leave out in plain sight.  Another common place to find them would be in the musical cards.  With Christmas coming up, be sure to watch out for this.  Little fingers could easily grab that battery.  In 2010, more than 3400 of these batteries were swallowed, and over 80 were left with serious damage  including damaged esophagus’.  This Christmas, and all year round,  be aware that some items will contain these button cell batteries. 

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions expressed are my own and honest.
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