Tribes a Dozen-Voilà! Hallah Bread Mixes

For those of you wondering “what is hallah (challah) bread is? It is a traditional classic egg bread baked at home for generations around the world. This blend of carefully selected premium ingredients bakes into a fragrant Hallah, a nourishment for the soul as much as the body.
Tribes-A-Dozen has three different types:  traditional, wholey wheat, and simply spelt.
I decided to make the traditional first.  Now, I have only made bread in a breadmaker and just a few times at that.  This bread can be made in a breadmaker, buy I don't have one anymore, so I set out to do this on my own!  I took a look at the back of the package and was a little overwhelmed at the instructions.  There seemed to be a quite a few steps.  Once I got going, it was much easier than I thought.
  The very first thing I did was crack an egg in a bowl and then separated an egg.  These are to be used at room temperature. Then I mixed the mix and yeast packet together and then stirred in 1/2 cup warm water.  After that I added 2T of oil, the whole egg, and yolk and set my stand mixer to mixing for ten minutes.
Next I took 1/2 teaspoon of oil and oiled up a medium mixing bowl.  With greased hands, I took the dough out of the mixer and put it in the greased bowl.  I got oil on both sides and sat it aside to raise.

After it sat for 10 minutes, I took it out and formed it into 3 balls.  You can also roll the balls into strips and braid it.  I wished I had done that now because I saw some great pictures of the braids.  However, I decided to put the 3 balls into a greased loaf pan and let set for 45 minutes.
Here is the delicious bread after 25 minutes in the oven! It isn't as pretty as doing it in the braid, but I can tell you that it was super delicious cut in these slices for our supper!
You can pick up your own Tribes-A-Dozen bread mixes here
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Thank you to Tribes-A-Dozen for my samples used in this review.  My opinions are my own and honest.

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